Lawns & Seed
Most lawns in the Charlotte area are a variety of fescue. If you want a green yard year round, fescue is your only option. There are two basic types of tall fescue, turf type, and lawn & field fescue (Kentucky 31 ). Both are good for lawns, however, the turf type varieties are bred to be a little darker, finer blade, & more drought and disease tolerant. Southern variety grasses, Bermuda and zoysia, are more native to the area and generally due better, but will go dormant in fall and be brown through early spring. For more information about general lawn care, see our "General Lawn Care Program" for fescue seed.

Shrub and Tree Care
Check our question and answer page for most of the information here. Common sense goes a long way, and do not be afraid to ask questions! Sometimes it makes sense to get a professional to help.

Oddly enough this is the biggest problem with most landscapes. Do not assume that because a plant is exhibiting stress or discoloration in summer months, that more water is the answer. 98% of plant death and disease can be attributed to improper watering techniques. Most landscape companies, including our own, will not warranty plant material if proper watering procedures are not followed. Remember, a landscape is an investment that will require periodic check-ups on your part.

Simply put, a hardscape is any landscape improvement that is not plant related. Patios, retaining walls, walks, drives, etc. are all examples of hardscapes. We design and install a multitude of products and services including: retaining walls, pavers, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, firepits, landscape / low voltage lighting, water features, and patio's. Check our photo gallery for some ideas that are both functional and aesthetic!

As with any project, a good layout is the best place to start. This allows you the ability to do the project in phases, and still get the end result you desire from your investment. We offer a design service for any size project.